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Boxing Fighter Shadow Battle is an online game that you can play on soccer games for free. Do you want to be a good boxer? Join Boxing Fighter Shadow Battle to start training your boxing skills! You will face all kinds of enemies, and they are very powerful. Destroy the enemies before you are killed! Only the bravest warrior can complete the challenge successfully. Use arrow keys to control the direction.

In the game Boxing Fighter Shadow Battle you have to be a boxer, but you will not act in the ring against fighters of their own kind. Everything will be much more difficult and dangerous, because you have to speak out against the darkness aria, which released a large number of their fighters.

You have to take a defensive position and get ready to repel the attacks, which will be carried out from two sides. It is necessary to have time to destroy the approaching enemies with powerful punches, turning in the right direction and making an attack using the arrows on your keyboard. Every day you have to destroy a certain number of enemies, then you will have a short break, after which again to fight with the darkness to throw in their more experienced and powerful enemies. And you'll have to use all their skills in order to withstand the onslaught of the crazed enemies every night, holding back the spread of the undead around the world.

In the game Boxing Fighter Shadow Battle has the opportunity to purchase items edged weapon, which will help you in this unequal fight against a strong opponent. Properly spend their earned money by using them to buy new weapons. Try to survive all the battles in the game Boxing Fighter Shadow Battle, relegating mortal danger from mankind.

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Join the game and have fun at https://soccergames.games/

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