Fish Soccer GamePlay:

Play Fish Soccer for free at soccergames and enjoy many other online games. Fish and soccer? This is a scenario you cannot possibly imagine in your wildest thoughts. A fantastic game for people who like both! Moreover, the two player option allows you to play with a companion. You also have little fish with you. They are your assistants. Your fish are colored blue and orange. Which will serve as your fish? Decide. Your objective is to hurl the ball into the opponent's water goal. Your own fish will determine the color of your palace. You will attempt to score as many goals as possible using the keyboard.

This is a fantastic game! Do you trust yourself? You are a terrific football player, right? Come and demonstrate it to your pal. Enjoy twice as much fun with the two-player mode! Your time remaining is 90 seconds. Whoever scores the most goals throughout this time period will win! Have fun! You can also expand with other similar games in your favorite game list like Football Juggle. It's a world of lots of interesting things that every player wants to join and choose.


P1: Wasd Keys -- Bonus: Press T.

P2 : Arrow Keys -- Bonus: Press P.