Football Champs GamePlay:

Football games are always the most played games at soccergames.games where you can show your passion with the king of sports. Here is Football Champs – the latest football game on our site. This is a simple yet addicting on-button football game that challenges your skills in playing football to a whole new level. You won’t lead a team of 11 players to compete with an opposing team of 11 players. You don’t have to pass the ball to your teammate or kick the ball to the goal or protect your goal from the opposing team. Here, your main objective is to kick as many balls as possible to earn as many scores as you can.

You just have 30 seconds to set a record in this best soccer games. The key is to time your action. You have to kick each ball coming to you at the right time. Otherwise, some precious seconds will be taken away. Wait until the ball is right in the crosshair and kick, then you will get a high score and earn some extra seconds. Don’t tap or click randomly on the screen because time will be deducted.

Do a perfect kick each time to increase the timer. Time is not only deducted when you fail to kick the ball, but also when you miss the ball. So, try to hit every ball that comes to you. Time flies so fast because you get a time penalty whenever you miss the ball. The first, and the second try can be hard but you will get used to the gameplay and controls after a few times trying. Spend time practicing and you will become a master of kicking the ball. Have fun and check out other games such as Pong Football.


When the ball is in the bullseye, you should kick it. Accurate kicks are rewarded with extra time. If you don't make there on time, you'll have to add some more minutes.