Touchdown Rush GamePlay:

Touchdown Rush is a sports game HTML5 platform in soccergames. To score the winning touchdown, run the field and pass all of the defenders. Collect powerups and bonuses to increase your strength and get more points. Are you prepared to score a touchdown? This is your opportunity to shine in this fast-paced sports game. You've intercepted the ball, and it's up to you to sprint to the end zone and score a touchdown. However, keep in mind that the opposition team is hot on your tail and ready to sack you at any time. Run quickly using speed boosts. To score the winning goal, you must dodge and leap. You can do it!

Don't forget to use the lights if you want to move easily. Share with your friends today so they also discover one of the most interesting and impressive games like Rugby Extreme.


Tap or click the arrow to play. Select your level. Tap or click the double arrow.

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