World Cup 2018 Erase And Guess GamePlay:

The World Cup is taking place this summer and we have a fun game for you that every soccer fan will enjoy! You will get a card and you can use your mouse to scratch the black section of it to slowly erase it. You will play against the time and it will pass faster while you are erasing, so you have to move very fast.

While you are erasing you have to guess what lies behind the image, either an object or a person. You will have four options to choose from, so try to get it right fast and you will win some points. You can spend your points to buy power-ups. Also, the faster you finish a level, the more points will be added to your score. You have a limited amount of lives and when they are done, you will start the game over. Each level will be more challenging, so stay focused!

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Good luck playing this game!

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